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Guangdong ceramics limited is part of Sophia Singapore Asia Holdings Limited, since the 70 's of the last century, Asia has been the pragmatic and enterprising spirit of constantly strengthening self-construction of innovation, at present, has formed a global management center of Shanghai, a Center for global marketing and development of Guangdong Foshan, Xianning in Hubei Province, Qingyuan, Guangdong and Shandong Zibo three production and logistic base of the modern ceramic group. Investment total has over 800 million dollars of Asia, to strength and attitude conquered market of while, get has user of consistent certainly and praised, has get "China brand", and "national user satisfaction products", and "China building ceramic well-known brand", and "Shanghai brand", and "Shanghai famous trademark", and "ceramic ten brand", many honors title, and continuous four years was authority institutions named "China 500 most with value brand". 

ASA tiles was founded in 1973 (Taiwan), was founded in 1993 in Shanghai, dating back more than 42 years of history, founded at the beginning of the brand has been leading the development of ceramic tile industry in China and Asia. Based on the Group's strong brand power of Asia minor, in 2015 with "light in fashion, art, luxury," another high-end brands--were the main tone of "Sophia tiles", which is the Group's strong brand in the future planning of Asia minor, Sophia will lead the trend of future wind vane. 

Sophia tiles with soft light series with stylish retro series brand products core, to marble tile series leading the trend of our times. Sophia tile design, styles, each of the products fully demonstrated the strong product development capabilities of the Asian Group, and with high hardness and high wear resistance, low water absorption and superior corrosion resistance and a number of excellent quality, highly architectural design Institute, real estate developers, high-grade star hotel and the vast majority of consumers love, is truly one of the China's ceramic industry leader. 

Sophia will be continuation of the Asian Group of noble blood, and sincerely cooperate with dealers across the country, building Sophia, exquisite shops and service outlets. Meanwhile, perfect management system, innovative design, excellent research and development team, a solid precipitation technology, Sophia is committed to providing global consumers with the highest quality services for the mission, under the leadership of the Asian Group, the real "artists • Sophia" the great cause and global synchronization. Generations of Asian people will wave upon wave, has always been to create respected international ceramics Enterprise for the business objectives, to develop national enterprises make outstanding contributions!
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